Rhiannon Bosse

Owner & Artistic Director

There's something magical about a flawlessly executed event, one brimming with charisma and a distinct sense of personality. My mission as an event designer and wedding director is to redefine the planning process for my clients so that those magical moments may be created, captured, and cherished for a lifetime. From wedding planning and production, design and floral services, and full service event management, the Rhiannon Bosse brand epitomizes the boutique business approach. We serve clientele looking for a truly unparalleled and innovative experience.

As the planner and lead designer behind every single RBC event since 2010, I ensure each couple we work with is given the time and love they deserve every step along the way. Weddings are most certainly about many details but they more importantly are also about people. And we're in the business of bringing peace of mind and happiness to the people we're lucky enough to collaborate alongside.

Personally, I find joy in simple pleasures. The first peony cut of the season, the last sliver of sunlight at the end of the day, and a successfully executed surprise rank high on my list of joys. I'm very passionate about innovative design, clutter-free spaces, and quality time with my loved ones. My husband, Andrew is my biggest encourager and best friend. Together we cherish time together as a family with our two boys, Lachlan and Ev. I dream of my own brick and mortar floral shop, a big farmhouse in the country, and striving to always make those around me feel loved.

Oh, and I've never said no to a piece of wedding cake unless it's carrot in which case I hand it over to my husband. Chocolate (vegan-friendly!) is my favorite but strawberries and cream is a close second.

I can't wait to meet you and hear about your celebration.

XO, Rhiannon