Meet  Rhiannon

I spent two decades of my life in velvet leotards, with bandaged ankles and a messy bun perched precariously on top of my head. Close to 30 hours of my time each week was spent mastering the art of a perfect beam routine and effortless bar performance. I became a nationally recognized gymnast, making my way to the collegiate level with a coveted NCAA scholarship. As complex and demanding as my time as a gymnast was, it taught me about getting back up, finding beauty in brokenness, and learning to embrace imperfection in a sport that literally rewards the very opposite. When it came time for me to hang up my leotard and rest my body, my soul was hungry to find the next thing I could try to master.

Meet  Rhiannon

What I've learned in my decade of business ownership in the event and design industry is that perfection isn't always possible…and that imperfection is an unexpected blessing. My favorite events, clients, designs, and experiences have been the ones where the imperfections have shined the brightest. Where the bride's gown straps broke and we've sewn her attire back together with floral thread on the packed dance floor. Where we've dealt with power outages, rain storms, and hail (all on the same day) and still managed to create magic. Or where we've helped to plan a wedding in mere weeks so an ill father would have the pleasure of seeing his youngest daughter as a bride. My passionate team and I are exceptional at what we do, not because we're perfect, but because we can find and draw out the beauty even in moments that feel anything but.

Meet  Rhiannon

As I embrace a business model that no longer offers wedding planning services, I find my heart filled with joy and refreshment. Joy because wedding planning has served me, and literally thousands of others, very well. Refreshment because this change means I get to make space for the things, people, and work that most fires me up in a new season of life. Whether I'm presenting a bouquet to a joyful bride, sending handmade soap to a customer who values the environment as much as her own body, or teaching a new wedding planner the concepts I wish I had known when I started, the threads of intentionality and beauty are woven in all I, and we, do.

Meet  Rhiannon

I'm an enneagram 2, happiest when hosting holidays in our home, and always craving my next iced latte. My very first job, and the one that I love most, is being a wife to my husband and college sweetheart, Andrew, and mother to our two adventurous little boys. As a family, we enjoy weekend visits to the farmer's market, spring getaways to the beaches of Seaside, Florida, and dance parties in our living room where the kids and I can often be found unapologetically twirling on the coffee table.

I'm so glad you're here, and I look forward to learning about how I can help you celebrate what matters most.

Meet  Betsi

If you've ever had the pleasure of interacting with Betsi, you know she is as kind as she is talented and as warm-hearted as she is grounded. Betsi first came to assist with an RBC wedding in the summer of 2013. I knew from the moment she rang my doorbell with a tackle box of floral tools in her hand–and not a second look at the obnoxious reefer truck parked in my driveway–that we were kindred spirits, capable of magic that would be impossible to create alone.

Meet  Betsi

Betsi's background is rich in floral experience, many of her years spent in high-traffic floral shops and luxury wedding planner circuits in the west Michigan market. Beyond her impeccable floral skills, however, she is a passionate woman who puts others first, always finds a solution to any problem, and gracefully and efficiently moves from task to task.

Meet  Betsi

A mother to three and a wife to her husband, Kurt, Betsi enjoys lazy summer weekends at the family cottage, ginger beer, anything with black and white stripes, and the unbeatable allure of New York City. She loves making hand-crafted goods for her small business, Lark on a Limb, and, of course, turning flowers into art for the clients we have the pleasure of serving.

Our Services

Rhiannon Bosse Celebrations is a floral and design company that melds together enchanting flowers and custom designs with exceptional customer service. We offer two distinct services to clients, both explained in more detail below. We specialize in working with romantic textures, muted color tones, and lush design elements, but we are creative connoisseurs who welcome any and every design aesthetic. Since we believe in a quality over quantity approach, we take no more than five contracts per calendar year.  Please contact us to set up a consultation or find out how we may be able to personalize our services to best fit your unique needs.

floral design

Our stand-alone floral services allow us to fulfill each and every client's floral needs, including but not limited to personal bouquets, boutonnières, ceremony installations, centerpieces, holiday compotes, and unique gala designs. We work hard to source the most beautiful and sustainable product possible to accommodate your wedding or event date, and deliver designs to our clients that always exceed expectations. For 2021 and beyond contracts we are waiving our customary $5k minimum to help accommodate clients in the global health crisis. Please contact us today to receive a custom quote for your flowers!

Event Design & Floral Services

Our event design and floral services allow us to use our two decades of combined industry experience to not only fulfill your floral needs, but also bring your vision to life in an extremely personalized way. We will work closely with you, and any other contracted professionals, in a creatively focused process that considers floor plan creation, linens, tablescape rentals, stationery, candles, cake stands, and so much more. While there is a percentage based service fee for this service, for 2021 and beyond contracts we are waiving our customary $5k minimum to help accommodate clients in the global health crisis.

For every wedding contract we secure, 5% of our total profits are donated to West Michigan Community Mental Health, a partner in providing high-quality care for families experiencing mental illness, intellectual disabilities, and substance use disorders.

We'd love to hear from you!

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