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Welcome to Rhiannon Bosse Celebrations. We are an event design floral studio and soap making company based in Grand Rapids, Michigan. While our services have evolved over the past decade, our heart remains the same: we are passionately committed to creating beautiful and sustainable experiences and products for others. We welcome you to learn about our services, products, and team by exploring more below.

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Milestones are often made memorable because of the people present in them. I've seen hundreds of embraces, moments, and memories made before my eyes and hold those experiences dearly. But, I happen to believe the tangible things selected to be a part of the party, and ultimately, part of our lives, hold a lot of weight too. I'm Rhiannon and I value palpable beauty and the emotional value that aesthetic creates for others.


"If there was an award for the most gracious, generous, and creative celebration curator, Rhi would win by a landslide! Everything she creates comes from a heart of gold—you feel it in every detail. From her gorgeous flower arrangements to her beautiful soaps, Rhi brings magic to life in all she does."

- lara casey, founder of Cultivate What Matters

“I've always known Rhiannon for her dedication to classic details in events, and Rhiannon Bosse Soap Co. exudes nothing less. From the initial customer service, to the loveliest aromas, to the clean and safe ingredients, even my high expectations were exceeded as I opened my package. The presentation of her handmade soap and the way it lathers and leaves your hands with the perfect amount of scent has made me a newfound soap lover. I'll most definitely be returning time and time again.”

- Christina Leigh Frederick

"If you are really lucky, you may meet a few people in your lifetime who inspire you to work in a more beautiful manner. Rhi is one of those people. If I am working on an event with her, I know it is going to be a fun, well-organized, gorgeous, polished celebration that will blow the guests away. Rhi has the lofty ambitions of a dreamer combined with the down-to-earth grit to get things done! We have done many weddings together over the past eight years and she has always been a dream to work with. Her team is just as magical—they are calm, focused, grounded, and very helpful."

- Christine Ferris, owner of The Farmhouse Deli and Catering

“I love Rhiannon's soaps! The aroma when using them is perfect—not too strong or overwhelming. I loved that I could plant the labels since they are printed on sustainable seed paper. The beautifully wrapped bars of soap with wooden dishes and ribbon bows made for perfect gifts, but I’ll admit I kept one for myself and am so glad I did!”

- kate Muir

"As a photographer, I have worked with Rhiannon at many weddings. Her work is consistently flawless and her clients are always in love with what she does for them. The designs she creates are unique and perfectly fit the personalities of the couples. Rhiannon is simply the best. "

- Kelly Sweet, owner of Kelly Sweet Photography

"As the owner of The Rental Company for 17 years, I have seen and worked with many wedding and event planners. There are very few that I recommend and love working with more than Rhiannon. I have always found her work to be very client-specific, creative, and amazingly executed. The passion, energy, and focus she shares with her clients is second to none."

- Robyn Allison, former owner of The Rental Company

"Rhiannon’s products smell as good as they look, and, most importantly, they are amazing to use. I especially like that they are made with natural ingredients—something that is really important to me when choosing a product to put on my body. My husband loves them too, so they’re now the only soaps we use!"

- kelly sWeet

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